Child Care Expense Policy

5-20 Reimbursement for Child Care Expenses

AUPE members when attending any union function are to be reimbursed for child care expenses:

For licensed child care centres or babysitters: at the rate of up to $15 per hour to a maximum of $195 per day for the first child and up to $3 per hour for each additional child to a maximum of $39 per day, per child.

For unlicensed care givers: at the rate of up to $10 per hour to a maximum of $100 per day for all children.

1 - All claims for reimbursement under this policy must be accompanied by a signed AUPE Child Care receipt form.

2 - Reimbursement will not be made for:

a) Child care expenses that would have been incurred had that member been performing his/her normal work that day;

b) Child care that would normally not have been paid, e.g. Spouse;

c) For an in-town delegate after the meeting and/or associated function has concluded.

d) Child care expenses for children above age 12.

3 - Where extenuating circumstances exist, exceptions may be made with the prior approval of the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, when expenses are paid by Headquarters or when expenses are paid by the Local, the Local Treasurer or Local Executive.

4 - AUPE accepts no legal responsibility as to the arrangements made or unintended consequences by the parents or guardians.

The Union reserves the right to examine any and all claims with respect to this policy.

This policy will affect all Locals.